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Professional program in the study of the Axis Syllabus and its application to the realization of a personal project








BROADBAND is a two-year educational initiative that views the content and methodology used to compile and continuously edit The Axis Syllabus - human movement lexicon as resource and inspiration to refine physical awareness and skill, diagnose and heal from or avoid injury. The educational arc focus on both the embodiment and study of the AS and the application of those toold to a personal project. 

Most importantly, BROADBAND seeks to hone evaluative and expressive abilities, help to sort through scientific and explanatory literature and expose the participants to a wide spectrum of creative and practical approaches and tactics for realizing their own professional projects: whether in the performative, choreographic and scenic or plastic arts, clothing, architecture, photography, music, theater, circus and various kinds of therapy. As long as the projects have to do with the human body, they are valid material for BROADBAND.  

All BROADBAND sessions will be open to the public, but will also include exclusive, collective mentoring  sessions  for the pro training participants ( 16 hours), as well as private online mentoring periods per person with each of the teachers ( 6 hours per person) . The sessions will take place in Bologna (October-March) and in Ostuni - Puglia- (April-September) 


Axis Syllabus, Teacher, Choreographer,  Performer, Health assistant,  Curator, Visual Artist, One Year Curriculum, Professional Level , Participation certificate


To provide continuity through a year long pedagogical arc, organized into two phases: 

one) the knowledge of the Axis Syllabus.

two) the use and integration of the contents and instruments in the Axis Syllabus into a project or practice. 


The curriculum will take the form of punctual intensives or thematic modules. Starting from fundamentals, the studies will increase in sophistication and complexity. Each module will include a collective working session on the study and incorporation of the Axis Syllabus (also open to the public) and an exclusive session dedicated to the use of the AS within the pro-training project (closed to the general public). During the year there will be some events of greater intensity and interdisciplinarity, such as Scie Festival and upRisingUp Festival. 

The contents of the AS are a constantly evolving archive of information and tools, organized according to an intrinsic logic, subject to periodic revision, editing and updating. The better the contents of the AS are known, embedded in practice, the more it becomes possible to apply them in different contexts and various fields related to embodied moving. 

We believe it is important to highlight the difference between 

1) studying and embodying the Axis Syllabus content 

2) using the content in context: applied to your own movement skills or integrated into your project 

The two phases are interwoven: the more we integrate knowledge, the more we expand the potential for it’s fruitful, effective application. 


The course is aimed at those who work professionally in the field of performing arts, sports, somatic and therapeutic practices and dance training. In addition to motivation and prior knowledge of the Axis Syllabus, participants are required to present a personal project or practice they intend to develop or implement through the use of the Axis Syllabus. This project has a wide range of possibilities depending on the professional sector of the person concerned (from theatrical dramaturgy or choreography, to classroom leadership or enhanced integration with other studies and practices... etc..). The project participants are invited to continue to develop their individual projects between sessions. 

Online mentoring sessions will provide support for continued participant development between modules.


Francesca Pedullá, Nuvola Vandini, Barış Mıhçı and Frey Faust


Ostuni / Bologna.                    


Only those with a minimum of 3 years of movement practice and study and a personal project underway or in mind are eligible for BROADBAND. ​​


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