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DocenteValentina Turrini

Periodo: 5 venerdi dalle 09.30 alle 15.00 con un ora di pausa

4, 11, 18, Novembre 2022 & 2, 16 Dicembre 2023

The Songs of the Italian and world oral tradition have been for women and men a place of privileged expression, free from the dictates of the ordinary.
Singing, space of poetry and rebellion, revealer of secrets, has kept alive and handed down knowledge that inhabits the body, heart and mind, allowed to relieve fatigue, to lull, to declare love, to heal, to accompany death.
What happens when our body comes into contact with the '' ancient body '' of these Songs? How do we meet the sound of ours and of the other voices in this '' special territory ''?
Through a learning process according to oral modalities, without the use of scores, in listening that involves the whole body, we will explore songs linked to different traditions. In this way we will investigate timbres, rhythms, modes, harmonies and sounds from different countries; we will observe the specificities linked to the place, function and cultural context in which they were born, giving space to what they arouse in us. We will experiment with different training proposals that awaken listening and attention to oneself, to the space and to the choir, to the relationship between sound and internal and external spaces; physical and vocal practices and improvisations that will help prepare us to sing.

To participate, no previous experiences or musical skills are required but only the desire to perceive, to share, to have fun



Information &Registration:

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Teacher: Enrico Malatesta

Period: three Fridays from 10.00 to 16.00 with one hour break

13, 20, 27 January 2023


Superficial Annotations is a training project curated by Enrico Malatesta aimed at investigating the sound and dynamics of active listening applied to the field of performing arts, sound and visual, as well as dance and theater.

The course is structured in an intensive way and includes a theoretical part, based on the proposal of stimuli that open the dialogue to the socio-cultural, artistic and ecological implications of the use of sound in public and scenic space. Conceived as a moment of discussion and exchange, this section of work is developed on broad thematic areas and interconnected by the medium of sound, for example:

• The relationship between the performer's body and the acoustic phenomena (reverberations, resonances, echoes, filtering, masking, fracturing) modulated by the various forms of listening.
• The production of sound through the use of the body, voice or objects and in accordance with the acoustic reactions of the performative space.
• The modification of the body according to the sound and its physical component, exploring different gradations of sound immersion and reciprocity between the movement of the performer and the sound waves.
• The relationship between body and audio technology, enhancing the potential given by the difference between recorded sound and sound produced live.

The ways in which the exercises are conducted critically involve the participants, who are invited to contribute to the subjective evolution of practices and the sharing of experiences; the intent is to produce an open and stimulating study device, which is aimed at improving the attentional structure of the participants and the ability to transform the listening experience into an active, planning and authorial resource, in performative practice.

MONOGRAPHS are open to anyone with interest and motivation to participate.

It is possible to follow only one or all three.

Participation in every single monograph implies the presence at all the meetings of the same.

Any absences cannot be discounted from the participation fee

Information & Registration:

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