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Munus is
an artistic research project that questions itself about: how to live together, navigating between the concepts of immunity and community?

Through the creation of an international Afro-European company, the production of a live show and its tour, Munus facilitates: professional training and introduction to the world of work for young Beninese and Togolese dancers and musicians; contexts of dialogue and sharing between cultures and generations through art in its various forms.

From January to July 2022,
Munus is divided into three phases:


TRACES - Professional training for the Company

January 20 -30 | Ouidah - Benin

MUNUS - Artistic production 

1 -28 February  2022  | Ouidah - Benin

MUNUS - Tour: shows, meetings, lectures, lab. with the local community

June 2022 | Germany, Italy



The CCRI John Smith is a multidisciplinary place created to facilitate the meeting between the different actors of artistic creation, production and dissemination. The priorities of the center's project concern the development of a strong bond with the inhabitants of the territory. the construction of the recognition of the place as a cultural reference point for the community. In fact, the project combines heritage, research and contemporary creation, particularly in the field of writing, with an artistic program, which includes workshops and seminars, residences, shows  as well as actions to promote heritage and tourism. This strong local territorial development is combined with a desire for international influence and exchange.


The Mainfranken Theater Würzburg is a four-branch house offering productions and performances of opera, theater and dance, as well as concerts by the Würzburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Each year, the house welcomes around 138,000 visitors for around 420 performances. The theater is centrally located in the historic center of Würzburg. The Residence Würzburg is within walking distance and the main train station is within walking distance.


With around 20 opera, theater and dance premieres per season, the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg not only presents works from the classical repertoire, but also produces world premieres, German premieres and other rarities. A large number of symphonic and chamber concerts, film concerts, baby concerts and galas complete the agenda. In addition to loving contemporary theater and focusing on collaborations with renowned directors and guest artists, the Mainfranken Theater is dedicated to discovering young talents.


Since August 2018, the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg has been continuously renovated and expanded. A new venue with around 330 seats, numerous new functional rooms and a completely new theatrical experience for visitors is born. The large theater hall ("Großes Haus") and the existing building will also be modernized. According to current plans, the reconstruction work is expected to be completed by the 22/23 season

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