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Working Dance Floor

It arises from the need to investigate the social fabric of clubs and how bodies today live and interact with the percussive rhythmic sound of techno/house music. Starting from an idea of a pop evening, we try to trigger ways of listening to ourselves and others to redefine a concept of "contemporary collective dancing ritual". The question we ask ourselves is:

are these young or mature digitized, zoomed bodies still able to pulsate energetically together?

A research project that investigates the relationship between body perception, spatial dynamics, expressive improvisation and the electronic music that arises during sound capture, as well as possible drifts towards a "context of urban dances" as a socializing moment. The vibrations created within the human empathic system in resonance with the sounds produced by "on field" sampling create a continuous experiential rebound at a high creative level. The goal to be reached on a performative level assumes the connotations of the expressive sums of the participants and always leads to new paths of collective experience. We know that the expansion of inner proprioception, towards oneself and others, is greatly amplified and it is on this relationship of consciousness that our research is based. Our rigorous task is to lead the participants to implement listening synergies towards themselves, the space and the others, through energies emerging from the group itself.


foto working dancefloor danzaurbana 3.jpg

Artistic action duo consolidated in 2003 Anna Albertarelli choreographer and Roberto Passuti sound designer have been collaborating for years to create video dance, performances, shows where the interaction between the visual, the physical scores and the sound are at the center of the research. In recent years they have dedicated themselves to investigating the social and anthropological aspects of human experience through actions/workshops. Both professionals in the fields of their competence try to act only and when there is a real need and urgency in deepening a topic. For this reason, their field of investigation spans 360 degrees between pedagogical, social and artistic projects.


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