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Work of Francesca Papa

The Emptiness Atelier is a central moment of Humus pedagogy. It is a peculiarity that distinguishes Humus from other professional formations. The pedagogical objective of the Atelier is support the autonomy and independence of each student. 


The Atelier takes place the fourth week of each month.

Five days in which the dance room is shared among the whole group at the same time as the training, 09.30-15.30.

Each student can use this time according to their needs:

review and deepening of the tools studied during the training, digesting and incorporating them in a personal way 

• dedicate oneself to a creative process artistic or pedagogical depending on the interests of the individual.

The internal teachers of Humus will provide some initial tools to support the process of individuals, and remain available as mentor.

Each Atelier week ends with a sharing within the working group. In December before the Christmas break and at the end of May, they are scheduled two public openings

The Emptiness Atelier is a residence within the program itself. 

Work by Tamar Lesser

Testimonial: the Atelier of the void told by some students of Humus 2022-23

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